Scott Erickson


Crafting interfaces. Building polished software and web experiences. Experimenting with magical details in user interfaces. Webmaster at Linear.

In the past I’ve developed the Vercel design system, website, and dashboard.


Currently, I lead growth at Goldsky, a realtime data infrastructure company.That sounds boring but I promise it's not. We're solving complex problems that enable our customers to focus on building awesome new products, not wrangling with their data infrastructure all day.

Previously, I built Helika, Conduit, and Novisto out of a venture studio called Diagram.I came up with the ideas, proved them by securing early users and investors, and hired the core team (CEO, CTO). These companies now have a combined market cap of >$200M USD and employ >150 people.

At the World Economic Forum, I led research on the impact of emerging tech in financial services.I interviewed 200+ industry leaders across the globe, and summarized my findings in reports that have been quoted / covered in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and numerous other publications.

The next generation of data sharing in financial services
Roadmap to responsible innovation with AI in financial services

I started my career at Monitor Deloitte as a strategy consultant, where I spent most of my time exploring open banking.


When COVID19 hit Canada, I co-founded GroceryHero to match frontline medical workers with a volunteer shoppers.We made >4K matches in 4 months, with over 70% of matches within 1KM of each other. We were endorsed by notable public figures (eg. mayor of Toronto, Ontario minister of health, deputy Prime Minister of Canada) and covered in major news networks (eg. National Post, CTV, CP24, Betakit, Global News).

In college, I co-founded REACH Diagnostics, a diabetes screening and care platform for urban slum dwellers in India.REACH was selected as one of the top 6 teams out of 11,000+ applicants globally to participate in an accelerator program in Boston. We screened over 4,500 individuals and impacted over 90,000 citizens in India through diagnosis, treatment, and awareness campaigns. We pitched to former president Bill Clinton, Nobel laureate Muhammad Yunu, and other esteemed social enterprise experts.


Developing skill through doing, guiltlessly exploring passion and interests, imbuing quality. Mindful that everything around me is someone’s life work.

All I want to do is build websites. Typography, motion design, copywriting, performance—the web is an endless medium of opportunity and creativity of which I’ve only scratched the surface.

Enjoying deep, dark, boring dance music: songs that set the pace in the first ten seconds and maintain it for the next ten minutes. Deep is a curation of my favorites. Soothed by the inherent energy of drum and bass—Drum has my favorites.